As of January, 2019, I am embarking on a path of higher education. My intellectual goals include computer science, cognitive/neuro science, philosophy of mind, and mathematics. If I’m allowing myself to be extremely optimistic, my hope is to work on Strong AI - and more specifically on Friendly AI. Or at least to learn more along the way about human consciousness and the nature and consequences of information processing (I mean that in the most general sense of “information”).

I’m creating this separate section of the blog with a multi-pronged purpose:

  • Generally record and journal my experience for my own remembrance.
  • Hopefully capture useful information so that I could eventually create a guide for others in my position. (It’s been tough to find information about what a scholastic path like this looks like for an older student with less technical experience in these fields)
  • To act as a context-keeping self-motivator to help myself stack on a successful track.

As to that last point above, I expect this to be a many-years-long challenge and likely the hardest thing I’ve done so far. Having a place to collect my complaints as well as any morale-improving insights should be helpful for me.

Without further ado, the school posts :