As you’ve likely noticed as a recurring theme on my websites, I’ve got a little bit of an obsession around second-guessing and explaining myself and my thoughts. This page is a collection of “disclaimers” that I often find myself wanting to stick on to pieces of writing. Being a programmer by profession, my first thought was the DRY principle - this bit of information should have a single authoritative representation.

To that end, here are some common disclaimers to anything on this blog and likely anything I say anywhere.

  • I haven’t done any specific research for the topic at hand. The background information I have on a given topic is anecdotal in that it’s built up from non-scholarly reading and personal reflection and exploration.
  • Any use of gendered pronouns (when not explicitly about a specifically-gendered subject) in my writing should be taken to be neutral. It’s far too cumbersome to use he/she or other weird variations on it - so I’ll just choose ‘he’ or ‘she’ as randomly as a complicated human can. If you have strong feelings about this we can talk about it.