Day 3 - 2020 03 19

Baked two loaves of sourdough bread.
Make some pretty terrible pancakes. A lot of them.

Bit of a rollercoaster this morning with a tickle in my throat that sent me down a few spirals of anxiety and bad feelings.
Taking my temperature helped with that, which is sort of silly.

Adam dropped off supplies and did a macarena dance in the driveway briefly.

Thinking about Jai-Lee’s birthday coming up and what I can do for her. I can definitely draw something. I’m rusty, but should still be competent. Not sure what I’d draw, but maybe that doesn’t matter.

I’m considering next-day shipping one of these loaves to my parents after my dad was drooling about them over the phone. I just set up a fedex account…

Related to the tickle-in-the-throat comment above: Today I had a very subtle feeling in my throat/chest, as if i was out in the cold 20 minutes ago. hard to describe, but sort of a very very subtle ache or sensitivity. Very good chance it was just a manifestation of low-level anxiety.