Day 2 - 2020 03 18

Quinoa grain bowls with harissa sesasame chick peas
started sourdough discard buttermilk pancake sponge
loaves formed for baking tomorrow
i’m drawn to making bread during this. i didn’t think about the fact that bread is historically the symbol of basic sustenance

found out about and a few other volunteer communities
adam and isabelle stopped in the driveway to wave hello
went for a walk to the fish ladder

feel good physically. realized that symptoms on average manifest in 2-5 days, and we’re on day 2. pretty good.
i’ve had a little tickley feeling in my throat a bunch today that sort of makes me want to cough or clear my throat - but I don’t think that’s the type of coughing to be concerned with. I often have this feeling in the house with the cats.

considered withdrawing from my Unix class if I can get a refund.