If you’ve read any other posts on this site (or talked to me for longer than a couple hours) you’ve probably witnessed me mentioning something called Murder Island. This stubby post is a placeholder sorta explaining it:

Old idea for an artificial society where there is only one rule: you’re not allowed to make any rules.

There are a million reasons this makes no sense, both logically and practically. But it was a tantalizing idea to me at the time and it crystallized a whole constellation of ideas and interests of mine. This crystallization eventually led me to discover libertarianism and the ways in which some ideas from a bit further down on “The Right” of the political spectrum can be desirable. (Mainly the smaller government, greater individual freedom bits).

I’m realizing now - reading Sapiens and becoming convinced of Harari’s argument that pre-Agricultural Revolution life was “better” - that what I was essentially doing without realizing it was attempting to orchestrate a forced return to a quasi-hunter gatherer lifestyle. And then, in order to insure against another accidental slide into something resembling the Agricultural Revolution, proscribing rules/order/shared mythology.

The whole idea is sort of contradictory: the most libertarian, anarchic, individualistic society enforced by the most socialist, dictatorial planning and restriction.