related, possibly another post: is it ever really possible for an individual to have a “fair” chance at having an interest in a given field? if someone isn’t raised with exposure to STEM, is that unfair? related to above: parentage vs state. overlaps and where certain responsibilities should lie? sure the state should support everyone wanting to try certain things, but do parents have to do the same? how much does a state need to overreach parents?

I’m realizing: This mostly comes down to equality of opportunity vs equality of outcomes.

related: using “group”-view is usually spurned as stereotyping. look at individuals! I agree. but advocates for representativeness apply “group”-view when talking about representativeness… how to account for that? When is it ethically valid to apply or not apply “group”-view?

related: is someone only “represented” by what they look like? their race/gender? (and probably economic class.. but that gets hairy, too). what about core values, beliefs, taste, culture, etc. shouldn’t these be more important and less superficial than skin color and gender? especially core values that were deliberately chosen, vs in-born or in-doctrinated.