I often say that if i could “make myself a robot” (whatever that means) I wouldn’t have existential anxiety.

something about fully understanding myself would seem to make that go away. …but i wonder.

basically the question is: what type of anxiety would a non-biological sentient being feel? it’s an interesting question. would being able to view your entire schematic and understand it all all at once feel EVEN WORSE? hard to imagine how that would feel (duh). in fact, there’s an interesting bit of recursion there: if you could view your entire mind schematic at once, the feeling you have while observing it would also be deterministically pre-set and known (at least intellectually) before actually experiencing it first-hand. is there a difference?

there’s some connection here to the qualia thought experiment about the scientist who is kept in a black and white room and fully understands everything about what’s involved in “seeing red” and then is finally shown the color red.